Art Week – Sculpture making with Nejat Kavvas

For Auckland’s White Night art event earlier this year, the gallery hosted an interactive print making demonstration with artist Shane Hansen.  We’ve had fantastic feedback from the evening, so have decided to follow up with a sculpture making demonstration for Art Week in October. We’re thrilled that talented sculptor Nejat Kavvas has agreed to do a demonstration in the gallery on Saturday 12th October. It’s always such a treat to meet the artist and find out more about the processes and ideas behind their work. Nejat felt that it would be a good idea to make a bust of someone familiar to our clients, and suggested that he do a sculpture of me –  I have to admit I’m a little daunted by the prospect, though flattering!


Creating a sculpture can be a lengthy undertaking as I’m sure you can imagine, so most of the ground work will be done before the demonstration in the gallery. I plan to post regular blogs so that you can share in this unique experience with me.


For the first phase of the creative process (and for the love of art!), I found myself seated on a turntable while Nejat took photographs of my head from 16 different angles. He then took a multitude of measurements of my face to get the correct proportions for the bust. The next step will be to begin modelling the sculpture in clay –  this should be interesting, so be sure to tune in for the next installment!

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